My work explores transformation, and the impact of time, space, place, and memory upon the construction of female subjectivity. My interdisciplinary practice examines these concepts through research, conceptual photography, sound and music, video, performance, movement, sculpture and more. My research intersects phenonemology, time, place, memory, and gender, with particular interest in the work of Artaud, Deleuze, Bergson, LeFebvre, Merleau-Ponty, and Elizabeth Grosz.

My practice spans more than twenty years of imagery, composition, recording, international airplay, and performances in galleries, museums, music festivals and other venues. I received my MFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC in 2018, and my BA in Art History and Fine Art Photography from the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati in 2008, graduating magna cum laude. I live and work in NYC and Cincinnati.