The Anna May Project is a nonprofit organization that explores issues impacting women through art.

The Anna May Project provides a platform for a cross-cultural dialogue between women around the world on issues that impact them. We believe that by creating personal connections across cultures we can work toward eliminating discrimination and bias, and become stronger together.

 Through educational programming and international collaborations, we ensure that the women behind the issues are both seen and heard, while creating meaningful connections between unlikely collaborators.  See and hear what these women have to say at http://www.theannamayproject.com.


These images were created by women as a part of The Anna May Project's exploration of beauty. Diversity of voice is critical to our mission. This artwork was created during educational programs for domestic violence survivors in partnership with the Artemis Center, and by women in Afghanistan with whom we work individually, and as part of international collaborations we create between women in the US and abroad.