Amy Whitaker


2018 MFA, School of Visual Arts, NY, NY

2008 BA magna cum laude Art History and Fine Art, University of Cincinnati, School of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

Select Exhibitions and Screenings

2019 Bite Your Tong, Mantle Art Space, San Antonio, TX

2019 I am the Portal, Timucua Arts Foundation, Orlando, FL

2019 Solo Exhibition, I am the Portal, Haile Planetarium, Northern Kentucky University

2018 Bite Your Tong, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2018 Solo Exhibition, Desire, The Living Gallery Outpost, NY, NY

2018 See(n) & Hear(d), The Space Cabin, Cincinnati, OH

2018 Solo Exhibition, Reconstitution, Haile Planetarium, Northern Kentucky University

2017 Quality Time, SVA Chelsea Gallery, NY, NY

2017 We are Animals, SVA Studios, NY, NY

2012 Specific for Fotofocus, Synthetica Gallery, Cincinnati

2011 HOLE Hearted, Fabricate, Cincinnati

2010 The Re-do Show, Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum, Cincinnati

2010 Human/Nature, Fabricate, Cincinnati

2008 Free Food, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati

2008 Thesis Show, Junior Gallery, Cincinnati


Select Performances

2019 Timucua Arts Foundation, Orlando, FL

2019 Shift: Space, Eden Park, Cincinnati, OH

2018 Japp’s, Cincinnati, OH

2016 Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY

2015 Pianos, NYC

2015 MOTR, Cincinnati, OH

2012 The Northside Tavern, Cincinnati, OH

2011 Clifton Heights Music Festival, Cincinnati, OH

2011 Alchemize, Cincinnati, OH

2010 The Madison Theatre, Covington, KY

2009 Sythetica-M Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2008 Cincinnati Art Museum

2008 The Loft, Flint, Michigan

2008 The Southgate House, Newport, KY

2008 Revolutions Art and Music Festival, Michigan

2008 The Northside Tavern, Cincinnati, OH

2007 Semantics Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2007 Lit Lounge, NYC

2007 The Fire, Philadelphia, PA

2007 Hells Half Mile Film and Music Festival, Bay City, Michigan

2007 Andrew’s Bar, Ypsilanti, Michigan

2007 Locals Only, Indianapolis, IN

2007 Oregon Express, Dayton, OH

2007 The Loft, Flint, Michigan

2007 The Comet, Cincinnati, OH

2007 Poison Room, Cincinnati, OH

2007 Midpoint Music Festival, Cincinnati, OH

2006 Syn Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2006 The Cavern, Xenia, OH

2006 The Tower, Cleveland, OH

2006 York Street Cafe, Newport, KY

2006 The Mad Hatter, Covington, KY

2006 CRUSH, Cincinnati, OH

2006 The Poison Room, Cincinnati, OH

2006 Radio Down, Covington, KY

2006 Midpoint Music Festival, Cincinnati, OH

2006 Electrofest v2.0, Cincinnati, OH

2006 Desdemona Festival, Cincinnati, OH

2006 The Southgate House, Newport, KY

2005 Alchemize, Cincinnati, OH

2005 Midpoint Music Festival, Cincinnati, OH

2005 The Viper Room, CIncinnati, OH

2005 The Comet, Cincinnati, OH

2005 Electrofest, Cincinnati, OH

2004 Radio Down, Covington, KY

2004 Midpoint Music Festival, Cincinnati, OH

2004 The Madison Theatre, Covington, KY

Sound- Album Releases

2019, Amy Whitaker, Inside (these) Bodies

2014, (Amy Whitaker as) That, That Revolves, Chasing Sunshine

2012, Diet Audio, The Silver Unicorn Club

2007, Diet Audio, Ecrasez L'Infame


2019, WPRK-FM, Overtures, Undertones, and Subplots, airplay and interview

2014, Extensive international radio play of Chasing Sunshine album on Public Radio International's show Echoes with John Diliberto

2012, WAIF-FM Interview and airplay, Diet Audio

2011, Interview and airplay, Diet Audio

2007, 6ABC-TV Philadelphia, PA featured interview, Diet Audio

2007, WAIF-FM Interview and airplay, Diet Audio


Frederic Bezies, “Chasing Sunshine de That, That Revolves…Un Premier EP Excellent” Le Weblog de Frederic Bezies (blog). February 18, 2014.

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Exhibitions Curated

2015-2019 The Anna May Project (2015-2019)

2006 Electrofest v2.0 (2006)

2005 Electrofest (2005)

Awards and Recognition

April, 2014, Chasing Sunshine, Best of Echoes Top 25 List for John Diliberto’s Echoes Radio

2006, Cincinnati Entertainment Awards winner for Diet Audio as best in Experimental/Electronic

Commissioned Composition and Sound Design

2005- The Drama Workshop, sound design, Cincinnati, OH

2004- Belles, The Drama Workshop, original compositions and sound design, Cincinnati, OH